CPC (Certified Professional Coder) With Internship Program

Our Classroom/online program offers you a comprehensive training in diagnostic and procedural coding. Designed specifically by health care professionals and instructors, AAPC’s medical coding classes are offered around the country. Students of these classroom courses learn the fundamentals of medical coding and dissect real-world medical cases and charts to extract the most relevant information. All classes are taught by AAPC-approved instructors who have been trained in our exclusive Professional Medical Coding Curriculum (PMCC).

Internship/ Externship Program and Certificate HCC (Hierarchical Condition Category), E&M (Evaluation and Management) and HEDIS

This is an excellent opportunity for a trained coder to gain hands-on work experience in a fun, and fast paced environment. Coders would register their interest in any one of the specialty – HCC/ E&M / E&M audit/ ICD 10 CM. Once the internship is completed the coders would be awarded respective internship certificate of experience.

During internship, students will:

  • Receive Comprehensive training on HCC/– HCC/ E&M / E&M audit/ ICD 10 CM practical guidelines.
  • 500 Medical records to code.
  • They would be trained on coding software.
  • Building a printable portfolio of results provides examples of your work and demonstrates proficiency to potential employers.

Course Fee: $3500 (with 80 hours internship program) - Includes CPT, ICD10CM and HCPCS Level II books

  • Email your updated resume to ICA@integranethealth.com
  • Note: Training fee excludes AAPC membership and exam fee.
  • Student will pay their membership ($160) and AAPC exam fee ($380).

Duration – Total Duration: 170 hours – 3-4 months

  • CPC Training – 9 weeks/90 hours (2 hours/day, Monday – Friday).
  • Internship Training – 80 hours (1-2 months).

Medicare Risk Adjustment Training (Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding)

IntegraNet Coding Academy provides rigorous training and experience the extern knows how to read a medical chart and assign the correct diagnosis (ICD-10-CM) codes for a wide variety of clinical cases and services for risk adjustment models (e.g., HCC, CDPS, and HHS Risk Adjustment). Invest in your future with MRA Training.

The training includes:

  • ICD Coding guidelines.
  • Documentation review training.
  • Apply proper diagnosis code assignment under various risk adjustment models including HCC, CDPS, ACA-HHS and private payer models.
  • Expertise in reviewing and assigning accurate medical codes for diagnoses performed by physicians and other qualified healthcare providers in the office or facility setting.
  • Teach to demonstrate the ability to apply trumping in the risk adjustment hierarchy.
  • Understand the audit process for risk adjustment models.
  • Ability to identify and communicate documentation deficiencies to providers to improve documentation for accurate risk adjustment coding.
  • 500 Medical record to code.
  • Building a printable portfolio of results provides examples of your work and demonstrates proficiency to potential employers.

Course Fee: $1200

Duration : 80 hours

Externship Program

IntegraNet Coding Academy established "Externship Program" to help newly certified medical coders qualify for a medical coding job. The program provides our members valuable work experience that can be applied to resumes and toward the removal of "apprentice" status (Externship Program) alone will not remove the apprentice designation from credential). The experience also aids members with finding employment.

Externship Program is an ideal way to get your first taste of real-world knowledge and experience in the medical coding field and gives potential employers an opportunity to see you in action. It builds confidence and improves your research and analytical skills.

Specialty coding trained : HCC (Hierarchical Condition Category), E&M (Evaluation and Management), HEDIS

How it works:

  • Coder would select one specialty per externship program.
  • Duration : 80 hours ( 1 month program).
  • 4 hours theory training on basic, CMS and insurance specific guidelines of coding and specialty selected.
  • 76 hours Medical record coding.
  • Performance management reports provided to the student for every 2 days.
  • Experience Certificate for 80 hours provided to the student.
  • Flexible timings.

Course Fee: $1200/Specialty Training

Duration: 80 hours / Specialty

Email your updated resume to ica@integranethealth.com